My name is Jaya Eagle Woman (Wonbli Wakan Wie Sacred Eagle Woman).

I am a 4 year Sundancer, C’anunpa (Sacred Pipe) Carrier, Drummer, Singer, Ceremonialist, and Earth Based Medicine Healer.

I create a safe and Sacred Space for all Women to come for Healing,Growth and Renewal.

We do this through Ancient Ceremonies, Gathering Circles (Full Moon), Sweat Lodge, C’anunpa (Sacred Pipe Ceremonies), Sacred Plant Ceremonies, using the Power of the animals, and  the 7 Sacred directions to guide our lives.

It is my Honor to use the Visions given to me by my Sacred Spiritual Grandmothers to heal and help the Women become strong and claim there Power.

I do this for the women, it is my prayer and my Life’s work.