C’anunpa (Sacred Pipe) Ceremony

All are welcome to join this Pipe Ceremony held every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00pm

Please come regardless of your prior experience with the C’anunpa (Sacred Pipe).

Jaya offers teachings of the C’anunpa, history of the C’anunpa, and instruction on how to use the sacred instrument in a good way.

Please contact Jaya@JayaEagleWoman.com for details.

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Sweat Lodge (Inipi)

Jaya Eagle Woman offers 2 Sweat Lodges per month.

  • 1 Women’s Lodge
  • 1 Mixed (Men & Women) Lodge

A sweat lodge is a great way to purify and connect with your spirits,  your ancestors & your prayers.

Please wear modest attire (T-shirt and long skirt or long dress with covered shoulders) and bring tobacco to offer.

Sweat Lodge 101 is a class Jaya offers to cover everything you need to know about coming to a lodge in a good way.

Sweat Lodge 101 is recommended for everyone!

Please contact Jaya@JayaEagleWoman.com for details.

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