“Jaya Eagle Woman is exactly her name.  Wherever she is there are eagles flying around her.  When you get to work with her you will be moved into a space out of time where your true essence lives, she will take you there.  Bring that back and begin to live again!  She is an amazing seer, past life informationalist, rock reader and teacher of many, many wise ancient teachings that not only apply today but are necessary.  I highly recommend her.”

~Shazna Jai


“Jaya has a glowing peaceful optimistic quality about her, which inspires confidence.  I felt so at home with the healing, environment she created in which I entered. Her hands felt as if the great mother were caressing me with compassion and love.  Jaya’s insights inspired me to explore, remember and act on my own instincts for further healing of my body, mind, spirit and emotions.”

~Alicia Merlady Bonnet


“Jaya’s work with me although seemingly quite subtle and noninvasive was a soul restructuring experience…she sang me into another time and space, holding me with the gentleness of a feather touch and yet profoundly grounding and reuniting my spirit with the earth, the present moment, the day, my own body and the far flung stars.  I was able to trust her drum, her voice, and her presence and be at peace as she rewove the scattered elements of my worrisome mothering mind and my exhausted compassion overdriven body into a connected whole and powerful textile of ancient earth clay colors, sunlight, and blood. Her centering is strong and a healing gift she shares with her teaching and her presence. One would be honoring themselves at their very core to learn from Jaya.”

~Diana Rasmussen


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jaya over several years. Her profound wisdom and keen knowledge of knowing has been deeply healing. The way she works with the earth and natures medicines is always spot on. I am alway left with a feeling of restored harmony and gratitude after our sessions.”

~Cassandra Wass


“I have known Jaya for about three or four years and have always felt her support and love in a completely non-judgmental and unconditional way. I had always noticed this in medicine and pipe ceremonies, but she is like this all the time—when we are eating, doing dishes, cooking, laughing, singing. She makes me feel completely comfortable, and she herself is so comfortable in her own skin. I had an opportunity to participate in a hanblechayapi  that Jaya was guiding a few years ago. I had a lot of feelings about participating, mostly fear and uncertainty, and I was thinking about it way too much. Up until the day before the drive to the ceremony site, I was unsure if I would even participate, and because of this, I don’t think I was paying attention to many emails explaining a lot of things that probably would have alleviated a lot of my worries. I called Jaya, angry, upset, sad, and scared. In a completely NON-codependent way, she let me know that if I wanted to do the ceremony, I could and she would help me, and that it was completely doable. She handled all the feelings I was directing at her in a completely loving and clear way. By the time I arrived at the ceremony site I had indeed decided not to stay out on the land through the night. I felt good about this decision but still had a lot of feelings about “not doing it.” I did all the prayer ties that the people who be going on out the land did. Jaya loved me in the best way possible. She decorated a staff as I tied my ties and even added a beautiful medallion. She then gave it to me and asked me to take my chanupa and staff and walk the people up to the land with her, and walk back. We did this together and it was exactly the right thing. The next day I went with her to bring the people down. It was such a moving experience. She created a ceremony for me that was the right ceremony for me exactly where I was. I was so blessed by this experience, and continue to think about it today. She gave me the medallion and it hangs over my altar always. It is a symbol of the best kind of love: unconditional, non-judgmental, comforting yet clear, and respectful. I respect Jaya with my heart, mind, and spirit. She is a true medicine person.”

~ Dot Joo


“I was very blessed to have Jaya as my intercessor for my first Vision Quest. As soon as I committed to my Vision Quest, so did Jaya. Jaya was in constant prayer for me before a during my quest. I could feel her prayers supporting the vision quester’s collective prayer. I was grateful that whenever a question came up for me, Jaya always answered it in a good way. A way that made me feel safe and supported. She would say “the more you prepare and focus the better your Vision will be.” Jaya passed something along to me written by Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King that has stuck with me: “When we want Wisdom we go on the hill. When I go up on the hill to pray I don’t just talk to God. I try to get the talking over quick, mostly I’m listening. Listening to God-that’s praying too. You’ve got to listen. Gods talking to you right now. God’s telling you all the words you’ve got to speak and all the things you’ve got to do in this life.” I am happy to write Jaya a testimonial because I believe in her and I believe in the work she is doing. To all my relations.”

~Kiera Einhorn